Claire Webster, PAC, CPCA

PAC, CPCA, Founder and President of Caregiver Crosswalk Inc.

Claire Webster is a Certified Dementia Care Consultant (PAC), Certified Professional Con­sultant on Aging (CPCA), as well as a conference speaker and educator in the field of caring for an individual with dementia. She is Founder and President of Caregiver Crosswalk Inc., a consulting firm that provides education and support services to help individuals navi­gate the journey of Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia related illnesses.  As a former caregiver to her late mother who had Alzheimer’s disease, Claire has had first-hand experience about the impact that dementia has on the person as well as the ripple effect on family members.

Claire works in collaboration with McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Division of Geriatric Medicine. She is the Founder and Ambassador of McGill University’s Demen­tia Education Program and McGill Cares, a webcast series designed to support family care partners. Claire is one of the McGill senior Co-Authors of Alzheimer’s Disease International’s 2021 World Report, A journey through the diagnosis of dementia, and the 2022 World Report on the interrelated topic, Life after diagnosis: Navigating treatment, care and support.

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